Find the most frequently asked questions about Balance Podiatry and podiatry here. For information about the conditions we treat, click the “What we treat” button on the homepage.

What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatrist_FeetA podiatrist is a valued member of the Allied Health profession who registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to assess, diagnose and treat foot and lower limb pathologies. These problems may include skin and nail disorders, foot and ankle complaints such as injuries, arthritis, diabetic and other medical complications.

Our qualified podiatrists are trained to address all kinds of foot, ankle and leg problems by conducting diagnostic tests and prescribing solutions that are tailored to your condition.

At Balance Podiatry, our podiatrists can help with the following conditions:

    • Fungal nail
    • Hammer toe or clawed toe
    • Athlete’s foot and other skin problems
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Morton’s neuroma
    • Sesamoiditis
    • Achilles tendonitis
    • Children’s heel pain
    • Bunions, corns and calluses
    • Foot problems related to diabetes


Do I need a referral?

In most cases, a referral is not needed to see a podiatrist at Balance Podiatry. However, certain patients such as those with Department of Veterans Affairs cards and Medicare Care Plans and EPC’s will need referrals from their GP. Please discuss your eligibility with your GP.

We also have HICAPS onsite so you can claim directly from your Private Health funds.

What is a general consultation and treatment?

If you require general foot care we can help.  Our general consultation treatments include:

  • Nail care, corn/hard skin removal
  • Bunion treatment
  • Ingrown nails treatment
  • Diabetic foot screening and assessments (including digital circulation tests and neurological checks)
  • Warts, tinea and other skin pathology

Are the Podiatrists experienced?

Our team of podiatrists regularly attend ongoing education courses and seminars in order to stay at the top of their profession and provide you with the very best podiatric care that you deserve. This along with our innovative clinical systems ensure all treatments meet the highest standards and our friendly and competent administrative staff are well trained to ensure that every aspect of your footcare is to your satisfaction.

What’s included in an initial biomechanical consultation?

At Balance Podiatry, our podiatrists see patients with many different complaints, symptoms and foot types. We’ll undertake a thorough assessment of your symptoms and feet to develop an effective treatment plan to get you back on your feet and walking comfortably.

When you book an appointment with our podiatrists, they will take a detailed history, perform a physical assessment, use video walking analysis,and take a 3D foot scan to find out what’s causing the pain. Our podiatrists will film you walking and running, and explain your biomechanical problems using specific software. This software enables us to assess your foot in slow motion, draw angles and markers and explain the results of your analysis in an easy to watch video.

They can directly refer for X-ray or Ultrasound if required.


How does Balance Podiatry make orthotics?

BalancePodiatry-OrthoticsOrthotics help to change the alignment of your feet to reduce or stop foot, ankle, knee, and lower back pain. They also provide support and cushioning to relieve pressure on problem areas. Orthotics can be prescribed for a range of conditions including plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis, Achilles tendinitis/tendonitis, and children’s heel pain.

At Balance Podiatry, we take great pride in providing our patients with the best quality orthotics available. Our podiatrists prescribe between EVA (soft rubber) and 3D printed EnviroPoly orthotics sourced from our leading orthotics manufacturer –iOrthotics. We custom-make each orthotic device to ensure that you receive the best medical results.


How does Balance Podiatry treat heel pain or heel spurs?

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common foot complaint we see in our clinics. Plantar fasciitis or ‘heel spur syndrome’ is a condition causing severe pain under the heel bone. Generally, the pain is worse the first few steps in the morning, after sitting, and towards the end of the day.The pain is caused by micro-tears to the plantar fascia (the long tight tendon/cord under the arch) at the attachment point under the heel bone. Left untreated, the pain will persist for a long time.

Following a detailed physical assessment our podiatrists will perform a video gait (walking) assessment on the treadmill. Orthotics are the gold standard treatment for this problem and are more than 80% effective in eliminating the pain caused from plantar fasciitis. We also use taping, pain relief medication, dry needling, and other forms of treatment. Often we use a combination of these treatments.

How do I pick the right shoes for my kids?

The development of a child’s foot and lower limbs is critical to ensure that they are able to enjoy a happy, healthy and active adult life. Kids feet and legs develop very rapidly, and it can be difficult for parents to know what is normal, and what isn’t. Poorly fitted school shoes can affect the growth of a child’s feet and can cause problems with their gait, balance and posture. The average child spends over 1000 hours a year in their school shoes, so it is imperative that they wear appropriate, well fitted shoes.

School shoes need to be fitted with enough growing room to allow young feet to fully relax and develop throughout the life of the shoes. When fitting shoes we check for:
· Lacing gap – Leave room to flex and move
· Arch – Keep foot supported
· Width – Make sure there’s enough room
· Depth – Extra depth is needed if orhotics are to be fitted
· Heel grip – Foot won’t slip while walking



Do you accept private health funds?

Yes, we have HICAPS onsite so you can claim directly from your Private Health fund often with little or no out of pocket expense. There are exceptions to this and those patients will need to pay in full and take the invoice to their health fund for the rebate. Our reception staff are always happy to phone your health fund to get the best outcome for you.

Do I need to be a patient to buy footwear in your shoe stores?

No. Anyone can purchase footwear from our stores. In fact, our locations are full retail stores with podiatry rooms out back, much like a modern optometry practice has their eyeglasses in the showroom and testing rooms out of site. When free, our podiatrists are always happy to answer questions in the shoe room without a consultation. For those people who are patients, you receive 10% off an all footwear in-store.

You can also shop online from www.balancefootwear.com.au