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Orthotic Friendly Footwear

Balance Podiatry DiabetesIf you wear orthotics, then you know that it can be a pain to find footwear that easily fits your orthotic supports. That’s why at Balance Podiatry we source a wide range of orthotic friendly footwear that will not only fit your shoes, they will also support your fashion fix.

If you have been prescribed orthotics, then you should wear these whenever possible. Your orthotics shoe inserts have been designed to correct, treat and improve a wide range of foot conditions, as well as to provide relief from foot pains.

Benefits of orthotics

Orthotics are often used to help rehabilitate acute and chronic foot conditions, such as stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, tendonitis and recurring ankle sprains. The mobility and balance of people suffering from these chronic conditions can be greatly improved by using orthotics.

By redistributing pressure on the feet, orthotics also help treat and prevent calluses, corns, and ulcerations.

Additionally, orthotics can help athletes and physically active individuals improve their gait and address their biomechanical concerns, resulting in enhanced performances.

Having the right orthotics, however, is just half of the battle. Even our custom-made orthotics cannot be fully effective without the right shoes.

What makes the best orthotic friendly shoes

Orthotic-friendly shoes should, first and foremost, have removable insoles so they could easily be replaced by orthotics. Other qualities to look for in orthotic shoes include:

    • A stable base that will not easily twist
    • A firm mid-sole
    • Firm heel counter – the heel counter (back of the shoe) must not bend inward easily
    • Wide toe box (choose them over shoes with a pointy toe box)
    • Foot bed that follows the foot’s natural contours
    • Breathable materials to help keep the foot dry and infection-free
    • Smooth interiors to avoid scratching the skin
    • Have enough flexibility in the toe area

Can you fit orthotics into any shoes?

Just like everyone else, you will need different shoes for different occasions. We can create additional orthotics to be fitted into other shoes, with the necessary adjustments. For example, you might need only a shell or three quarter orthotic for dress shoes, which are often smaller than regular walking shoes.

How to find orthotic friendly shoes?

The good news is, finding the right orthotic friendly shoes is easy at Balance Podiatry. We stock the best and most well-known shoe brands that manufacture orthotic-friendly shoes in a wide array of styles.  Contact us today if you have any foot concerns, or simply to have your feet checked. We have the skills, experience and capabilities to help you find your balance.

Find comfortable footwear that supports your fashion fix. We offer a vast range of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear from top international and local brands. You can explore or range online from If you’d like some personal advice, head into your local Balance Podiatry store and speak to one of our experienced shoe fitters who can accommodate your lifestyle needs.

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