Video Gait Analysis

Our podiatrists will film you walking and running, and explain your biomechanical problems using specific software. This software enables us to assess your foot in slow motion, draw angles and markers and explain the results of your analysis in an easy to watch video.

There are three basic stages to the human gait cycle, and it is impossible view the detail of this intricate motion with the naked eye. With computerised video gait analysis, we are able to break each second of the gait cycle into tiny segments (frames), allowing detailed assessment of the patient’s foot position and overall posture.

Our integrated software allows us to further manipulate the images obtained to learn how your body moves. In additional, all video and still-frame images are saved for future reference and review purposes, allowing instantaneous comparison with different shoes, or changes over time with orthotics. We can also help you with rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

Video gait analysis is particularly useful in helping to diagnose conditions associated with running or sport, as well as painful foot and leg conditions that are termed ‘overuse’ in nature. This assessment is routinely performed by our specially trained podiatrists during an initial appointment.