Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot orthoses (orthotics) help to change the alignment of your feet to reduce or stop foot, ankle, knee and lower back pain. They also provide support and cushioning to relieve pressure on problem areas.

At Balance Podiatry we know that every patient is different, that’s why we custom make each orthotic device for our patients to ensure that you receive the best
medical results.

When you book an appointment with our podiatrists, they will take a detailed history, perform a physical assessment, utilise video walking analysis and take a 3D foot scan to find out what’s causing the pain.

At Balance Podiatry, we take great pride in providing our patients with the best quality orthotics available. Our podiatrists prescribe between EVA (soft rubber) and 3D printed EnviroPoly orthotics sourced from our leading orthotics manufacturer – iOrthotics. We custom make each orthotic device to ensure that you receive the best medical results.

Our Podiatrists are experts in the assessment and diagnosis of foot, ankle and leg pain. They are highly trained in identifying the biomechanical (structural and functional) problems that lead to many of the common foot and lower limb ailments.

Foot posture with and without custom foot orthotics, showing pronationHow do custom foot orthotics help?

  • Support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to increase confidence and sports performance.
  • Improve chronic and acute sports injuries.
  • Improve weight distribution and posture.
  • Optimise shoe fit and comfort and absorb shock.
  • Alter abnormal foot functioning position to correct many common foot ailments or prevent them from getting worse.
  • Help your child’s foot grow in more neutral or anatomically aligned position.
  • Eliminates low back pain from leg length inequalities.
  • Improve your balance.

Balance Podiatry - OrthoticsWhat conditions do orthotics treat?

  • Flat feet – hypermobile pronated flat feet causing muscle overuse pain, pressure areas (corns, callus and bruising type pain)
  • Arch pain – plantar fascial strain, abductor hallucis brevis overuse, osteoarthritis
  • Heel pain – plantar fasciitis (heel spur pain), plantar heel bursitis, severs disease
  • Shin splints – medial tibial stress syndrome, compartment syndrome, posterior tibial muscle/tendon dysfunction
  • Achilles tendonosis/tendonitis
  • Persistent corns/callouses- orthotics are very effective in unloading painful lesions
  • Knee pain – medial knee joint arthritis, patella maltracking syndrome, ITB syndrome
  • Lower back pain – lower back and pelvic alignment, limb length difference
  • Forefoot pain – morton’s neuroma, hammer toe, claw toe, bunions, plantar plate rupture, metatarsalgia, sessamoiditis
  • Ankle sprains – lateral ankle instability, lateral ankle sprains, peroneal overuse/tendonosis
  • High arched feet – forefoot pain (high ground pressure), tight plantar fascia, fibromas

Our orthotic range

At Balance Podiatry, we can give you an orthotic option for all styles of footwear. Your podiatrist may select full length, 3/4 or shell EVA or our new 3D printed plastic orthotics, depending on what is best for your foot problems and type of footwear.

NEW 3D Printed Plastic Orthotics
We use the latest 3D printed technology to create create lighter, thinner and stronger rigid orthotics – Giving you an orthotic option for all styles of footwear. 3D printed orthotics are printed layer by layer, to as small as 100 micronsresulting in an extremely accurate match to the patients foot contour. As important, 3D printed orthotics produce a more lightweight, thinner and more durable devices compared to traditional plastic orthotics. Unlike traditional plastic orthotics, the thickness and rigidity of the material may be adjusted throughout the print to any area of the orthotic according to the patients needs. Rigidity ranges from very flexible and compliant to very rigid. Highly flexible orthotics are prescribed when only a small degree of control is required under the foot while rigid orthotics are used when maximal biomechanical control is required.

NEW 3D Printed Plastic Orthotics
EVA orthotics are typically softer and great for work shoes, running shoes and even diabetic foot problems. Our EVA orthotics are available in three densities; soft, medium and hard. We prescribe the following EVA orthotics:

  • Classic EVA – Fully customised to the practitioner’s requirements with all prescription options available.
  • Low Profile – Perfect to fit into footwear with minimal space. Bulk reducing features make these orthotics ideal for football boots, court shoes or low profile runners.
  • Sport Exercise –Ideal orthotics for use during high intensity activities or when long periods of standing are required.
  • Work Boots – Designed for harsh conditions. Added features enable durability and longevity in testing conditions.
  • Diabetic/Accommodative – Made to the exact contours of the patients feet and made to the HCPCS A5513 standard.