About Us

Balance Podiatry, Thuringowa, Willows, TownsvilleBalance Podiatry are your local foot pain, orthotics and footwear professionals. We provide our patients and customers with the highest level of podiatry services including laser therapy for fungal nails, custom orthotics, general podiatry treatments and orthotic-friendly footwear. Our state-of-the art podiatry clinics use the the latest technology to ensure you get the very best treatment for your foot, ankle or leg condition.

Glen Evangelista founded Balance Podiatry in 2002. Glen’s passion for health and medicine developed following a sporting injury that involved many visits to podiatrists, physiotherapists, and doctors. Glen saw an opportunity to transform traditional podiatry services by embracing innovative technologies and new treatments. Today, we operate 13 podiatry clinics and shoe stores throughout Australia.

Don’t put up with foot pain. Visit your local Balance Podiatry today and find your balance.