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Treat fungal nails with our laser treatment.

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Custom Orthotics

We use custom made EVA and new 3D printed orthotics to treat foot problems. Orthotics provide support to relieve pressure on problem areas, and improve the foot’s position and function.

Heel Pain

Heel Pain

One of the most common foot problems, plantar fasciitis, can be treated in a variety of ways. Let us help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

General Foot Pain

General Foot Care

If you require general foot care we can help. Nail care, corn/hard skin removal, ingrown nails and diabetic assessments are commonly performed by our Podiatrists.

Fungal Laser Treatment

Fungal Nails

Fungal nail effects 10% of the population. Don’t waste time with paint-on treatments. Treat fungal nail once and for all with our revolutionary laser treatment. Clinically proven to kill fungal nail infections.

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Why do my feet hurt when I walk?

Foot Pain when walking

Foot Pain when walkingAre you blaming the frosty autumn weather for making your feet hurt when you walk? There could be something more serious behind the pain.

Unfortunately, many Australian men and women live with foot pain daily – and often we think the pain will disappear on its own, trialling simple lifestyle changes with no improvement.

Whether it hurts to walk first thing in the morning, after you sit down, or even every time you walk barefoot, it’s important to identify and understand what is causing the pain. Continue reading Why do my feet hurt when I walk?

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Is it normal to wake up with sore feet?

Is it painful to get out of bed each morning? And not for the reasons a café latte can fix… we’re talking about waking up with arch pain, sore feet or aching heels.

Foot, arch or heel pain isn’t something that disappears overnight (which is probably why you’re reading this). You may be waking up with one of the most common causes of foot and heel pain in adults – plantar fasciitis.

Continue reading Is it normal to wake up with sore feet?

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At Balance Podiatry we understand foot problems better than anyone.

Don’t put up with foot pain!

Our Podiatrists treat all conditions of the feet and legs including :

– Heel Pain (Heels Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis)
– Foot, Ankle & Leg Pain
– Children’s Foot Complaints
– Ingrown Nails, Corns and Callus
– Fungal Nails

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