Occupational Podiatry

BalancePodiatry-OccupationalWe work with employers to mitigate foot pain in the workplace.

Balance podiatry can assist with the proactive management and prevention of work related foot injuries that may be impacting upon your employees ability to function at their optimum. We have extensive experience in mining related foot pain and injuries and can have your staff back to normal operations in a quick and cost effective manner.

Injury Prevention:

Identifying a problem before it occurs is cost effective for large companies. Balance Podiatry works closely with employers to identify workplace foot risks and to mitigate injury and costly claims and downtime.

Injury Management:

A study by WorkCover Queensland in 2013 found that nearly 19% of all workplace injuries for the year involved the feet, toes, or lower limbs. This highlights the importance of foot health in the workplace and ensuring that your employee’s foot safety and foot care needs are catered for. Our podiatrists can assist in the diagnosis and management of all workplace foot injuries.

Podiatry Services for Employers:

Our aim is to provide expert podiatry services to large companies in a flexible and efficient way and with as little operational downtime as possible. We can tailor a package to suit the requirements of companies where volume foot and biomechanical screenings are required.