Ingrown Nail Treatment

What are ingrown nails?
An ingrown nail is caused by a piece of nail protruding into the side of the nail sulcus skin, or into the nail bed itself. This allows for the entry of bacteria into the area which causes an infection in the toe. Ingrown nails are often painful and can limit your ability to exercise,
work and wear enclosed shoes.

Balance Podiatry_Nail SurgeryWhat causes ingrown nails?
An ingrown nail (onychocryptosis) can be caused by some of the following:|
• Trauma
• Involuted (Curved) Nails
• Ill-Fitting Footwear
• Poor Nail Care
• Nail Picking
• Poor Hygiene

How do we treat ingrown nails
In the first instance we will remove the offending nail particle and drain the infection. This will provide instant pain relief. It is common for the nail to grow back and when this occurs our Podiatrists will then perform a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. This provides a permanent solution in greater than 99.7%* of cases.*Source: Annals of Family Medicine, Vol 10, 2012.