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Find your perfect fit at our end of season sale

Finding the correct shoe for your feet is not always an easy task, especially if you wear orthotics or have foot or leg problems. A comfortable and correctly fitted shoe is paramount for good foot health and the effectiveness of foot orthotics.

Everybody’s feet are different; the right fit for one person can be completely wrong for someone else. When buying shoes, you need the correct footwear for the task and footwear that is correct for your feet.

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Balance Podiatry partners with My FootDr to create Australia’s largest podiatry network

Balance Podiatry has strengthened its leading foot care offering and will undertake an exciting rebrand as part of joining the national podiatry group My FootDr.

All 10 Balance Podiatry shoe stores and podiatry clinics will change their name to My FootDr by mid-2018, joining more than 50 locations nationally to create Australia’s largest podiatry network. Continue reading Balance Podiatry partners with My FootDr to create Australia’s largest podiatry network

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For the love of ballet, keep those feet tiptoeing

Whether you dance to feel good, competitively, as a career or just for fun, your greatest asset is your feet. In the world of ballet, dancers are known for their elegant poise and graceful movements. It can be hard to imagine that behind the refined image ballet dancers are often suffering from, and vulnerable to, a range of foot conditions.

The constant pounding of your feet on hard surfaces and long hours spent exercising, training and performing, put your feet under immense pressure and strain. Regardless of age and gender, your feet are vital for your dance performance.

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What causes fungal nails?

What causes fungal nailsIdentifying what causes fungal nail infections is step one in prevention. In our earlier blog, ‘What are fungal nails?’, we identified what fungal nails are and what they look like, but what causes them?

In our lifetime, our feet and toenails are squeezed into shoes too small, knocked around, stood on, painted and clipped – and all this often in the same week! Fungus is present on everyone’s skin and feet. There are three types of fungus that can cause fungal nail infections.

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What are fungal nails?

Fungal Nail PodiatristLooking and feeling good is important. We take pride in our hair, skin and overall appearance for our health and confidence. The last thing we expect is to have issues with our toenails.

Fungal nails, or in medical terminology, Onychomycosis, is a common condition that can affect both the fingernails and toenails, but is more often seen in toenails. In fact, around 10% of Australians experience fungal toenails in their lifetime.

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The magic of orthotics

Do you know the feeling when you’ve been walking around all day and your feet really hurt?

You try to remember a time when your feet didn’t hurt. You wish you hadn’t taken that time for granted. You start referring to those days as, ‘the good old days’.

What if we told you, we can take you back to the ‘good old days’? Where exercising, walking and everyday activities do not cause discomfort to your whole body. We’re not time travellers, we’re Podiatrists who specialise in custom-made orthotics.
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Big facts on little feet – Foot Health Month 2017

Did you know as many as 81 per cent of parents have never taken their child to visit a Podiatrist?

Children’s feet and legs develop rapidly, and there are a surprising number of common foot problems that can be difficult for parents to identify.

To help celebrate National Foot Health Month, this October we encourage parents to take big steps for little feet by taking their child to a podiatrist, to help Aussie kids grow up living a happy, healthy and active life.

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Spring into action the right way

Start running the right wayAs we head into the warmer months, our climate makes it even more enticing and rewarding to step outside when exercising.

However, before dusting off the running shoes, think about the impact changes to your fitness regime may have on your feet – or you may end up sidelined.

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