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Finding the right fit

Do you struggle to find shoes that fit your feet? Are you still waiting for that Cinderella moment?

Everybody’s feet are different; the right fit for one person can be completely wrong for someone else. When buying shoes, you need the correct footwear for the task and footwear that is correct for your feet.

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Healthy runners need healthy feet

Like athletes, our feet come in all shapes and sizes. The mums and dads who run daily through the park have a lot in common with an athlete training for the Olympics. Both require healthy feet and the right footwear to put their best foot forward.

When you run, walk, skip or jump your feet absorb the impact of every step, making foot care essential to achieve your best performance.

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You are only as old as your feet feel

Some pretty colourful shoes were worn throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s – but we now know a lot more about feet than we ever did! So how has our lifestyle choices from the last half-century impacted on foot health?  

With Senior’s Week underway in Queensland this week (August 19 – 27), let’s take a look at the biggest foot problems that elderly Australians face today. 

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Put your best foot forward in the finals!

Netball finals are just around the corner and athletes will be pushing their bodies to breaking point, striving to come home as strongly as possible. It’s the tail end of the season when bodies are tired, and this is a common time for netball injuries to happen.

There are two main categories of injuries that can occur – acute and chronic. Chronic injuries come about over a long period of time and are in broad terms “wear and tear” or repetitive type conditions. Continue reading Put your best foot forward in the finals!